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A2 Natural Gir Cow Ghee - Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala

Gir Cow Ghee

Experience the richness of our A2 Natural Gir Cow Ghee. Made from pure and hand-churned cow milk, our ghee is known for its superior quality and health benefits.

Organic Garden & Kitchen Garden Kit - Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala 50% off

Organic Garden & Kitchen Garden Kit

Create a flourishing garden with our all-in-one organic kit, specially curated for farmers, garden and vegetable enthusiasts.

Gir Cow Urine - shree gopal gir gaushala FREE delivery upto 1 kiloliter

Gir Cow Urine

Harness the power of our premium Cow Urine, derived from our revered Gir cows, to boost agricultural productivity and promote organic farming practices.

Copper Mixed Buttermilk - Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala FREE delivery upto 1 kiloliter

Copper mixed Desi-Gir Cow Butter Milk

Copper-mixed Gir Cow Buttermilk serves as a natural and effective insecticide, protecting crops and plants from pests in eco-friendly way while nourishing the soil with its rich nutrients. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals in your crops.

Gir Cow Dung - Shree gopal Gir Gaushala

Gir Cow Dung

Our Gir Cow Dung holds sacred significance and is used for Homa and Yagna rituals. It brings positive energy, harmony, and spiritual essence to your surroundings. Experience the divine vibrations.


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