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Experience the Majesty of Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala: Home to Exceptional Gir Cows and Exquisite A2 Natural Gir Cow Ghee.

Shree gopal Gir gaushala's Cows

Our Cows

Welcome to Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala, where we take immense pride in our exceptional Gir cows and the royal A2 Natural Gir Cow Ghee we produce. Our gaushala stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving and promoting these magnificent creatures.

Within our gaushala, you'll find the awe-inspiring presence of Gir cows, known for their beauty, grace, and regality. These majestic creatures embody purity and strength, captivating all who encounter them. From the rich lands of our gaushala, we bring forth A2 Natural Gir Cow Ghee, a divine elixir of unparalleled taste and nourishment.

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Product made from Gir Cows

Crafted from the milk of our esteemed Gir cows, our ghee radiates with a golden hue and heavenly aroma. It is a true representation of our ancient Vedic culture that reveres Gaumata as the Divine Mother, bestowing health, knowledge, and prosperity. With every spoonful, you embrace the legacy of our heritage.

Sonalben Naran with Cows - Shree gopal gir gaushala

Our Care for cows

At Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala, we prioritize the well-being and ethical treatment of our Gir cows. They are cherished as members of our family, receiving utmost care and love. Our serene environment ensures their physical and emotional well-being.

Join us at Shree Gopal Gir Gaushala, where tradition meets excellence, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary wonders that await.

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Plot No. 43 to 48, Momay Nagar, Patri, Tal Mundra Kutch, Bhuj, Gujarat-370425
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